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Sirak Melkonian


Name: Sirak Melkonian
Birth: 1931, Tehran - Iran

Sirak Melkonian

1957 Winner of First Prize: Contemporary Iranian Artists Exhibition, Iran-American Society
1958 Winner of the Imperial Court Prize Tehran Biennial
1959 Winner of First Prize for Paris Biennial – Tehran
1974 International Art Exhibition First Prize - Tehran

Solo Exhibition

1957 Estetic Gallery, Tehran - Iran
1962 Iran-India Culture Relation Society, Tehran - Iran
1973 Zarvan Gallery, Tehran - Iran
1976 Odermatt Gallery, Paris - France
1978 Zand Gallery, Tehran - Iran
1981 Athen/Greece
1983 Gorky Gallery, New York - USA
1986 PM Collection, Los Angeles - USA
1987 Studio Café, New Port, C.A - USA
1997 AMV Graphic Organization, Toronto - Canada
2001 Bay Side Gallery, C.A - USA
2004 Arshel Gorky Art Gallery, Toronto - Canada

Group Exhibition

1945 Mshaguit Culture Center, Tehran - Iran
1950-1953 Annual Exhibition at Iran-Ussr Society
1954 Contemporary Artists Exhibition in Mehregan Clup, Tehran - Iran
1956 Contemporary Iranian Artists Exhibition, Abiaz Palace, Tehran - Iran
1957 Contemporary Iranian Artists Exhibition at Iran-American Society, Tehran - Iran
1958 Contemporary Artists Exhibition, Abeiz Palace, Tehran - Iran
1958 Venice Biennial Iranian Artists Section, Italy
1959 Paris Biennial Iranian Artists Section, France
1961 Group Exhibition of Contemporary Artists of Iran at Bank of Saderat Headquarter, Tehran - Iran
1965 Saba Gallery (50th Anniversary of the April 24), Tehran - Iran
1967 Contemporary Iranian Artists Exhibition, New York - USA
1971 Contemporary Iranian Artists Exhibition, Pakistan
1973 Contemporary Iranian Artists Exhibition, West Germany
1974 Exhibition of Contemporary Iranian Artists (Annual Ministry of Art & Culture), Tehran - Iran
1974 Selected Exhibition of Contemporary Iranian Artists, Seihoon Gallery, Tehran - Iran
1974 Contemporary Artists Exhibition for the Occasion of Asian Games 74 at Art Culture Gallery, Tehran - Iran
1974 Contemporary Iranian Artists Exhibition at 3rd Art and Culture Gallery, Tehran - Iran
1974 Azad Artists Group at International Exhibition of Iran-France, Tehran - Iran
1975 Second Exhibition of Azad Group 3rd Gallery of Art and Culture, Tehran - Iran
1975 Third Exhibition of Azad Group at Mess Gallery, Tehran - Iran
1975 International Exhibition of Basle, Switzerland
1975 Retrospective Show of Iranian Artists at Iran-American Society, Tehran - Iran
1976 Selected Works of Iranian and International Artists at Saman Gallery, Tehran - Iran
1976 5th Exhibition of Azad Group in Saman Gallery, Tehran - Iran
1977 Fiac 77 Art Contemporain Paris Grand Palais 22, France
1977 Exhibition of Contemporary Artists at Demontrouge Hall, Paris - France
1977 Contemporary Artists Exhibition in Zand Gallery, Tehran - Iran
1977 Wash Art 77 International Contemporary Exhibition, Washington - USA
1990 Group Exhibition (A Collection of Art Works by Canadian-Armenian Artists), Montreal & Ottawa - Canada
1990 Iranian Artists Group Exhibition, Paris - France
1995 Canadian Artists Exhibition, AGBU Center, Toronto - Canada
1995 Contemporary American Artists Exhibition, Baghoomian Gallery, New York - USA
1997 Arvest 97 Contemporary Armenian Artists Exhibition, Los Angeles Central Library, USA
2000 Contemporary Iranian Artists Exhibition, Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, Tehran - Iran
2000-2001 Canadian-Armenian Artists Exhibition, Canada & USA
2003 Canadian Contemporary Artists Exhibition, Arta Gallery Distillery District, Toronto - Canada
2004 Arta Gallery, Toronto - Canada
2004 A Selection of Iranian Contemporary Art, Over 3 Generations, Armenian National Gallery, Yerevan - Armenia
2004 Lazar Gallery, Tehran/Iran
2006 To the Memory of Momayez, University of Tehran - Iran


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