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Bahram Hanafi


Name: Bahram Hanafi
Birth: 1966
B.A in Handicraft degree, M.A in Research of Art - Tehran


Work Experience:
1985 up to now Teaching about History of Art and Applied Art at different Art High School and Official Teaching Institutes in Iran.
1994 up to now Teaching at the same University: Art University, Sureh University, a College of Art affiliated to University of Tehran, University of Zahedan City, Elm-o Farhang University of Tehran, and Technical and Professional University of Tehran.
Teaching specialty: Calligraphy& Typography, Letter Designing, Persian Arts, History of Art and Analysis of Art Works, Professional Design in Iranian Arts.
1995-6 Propagandistic Advisor of Yazd Rubber Company
1995 Employed as Manuscript Expert at "Golestan Palase".
Specialty: Reading, Dating, Rewriting the Script from all Periods of Islam in Iran and other Countries.

The most of my research is about of "Book Making" and connected Arts with that. (Like; Calligraphy, Painting, Illustration …). Also study in Motives in Islamic Arts (Like: Architecture, Carpet, Metal Works …).And at last research in Theoretical and Philosophic Ideas in Iran-Islamic Arts & Artists.

Solo Exhibition

1992 Exhibition in Calligraphy, Art University - Tehran
1994 Exhibition in Calligraphy - Seyhoon Gallery
1995 Exhibition in Calligraphy - Kandolus Gallery
1996 Exhibition in Calligraphy - Seyhoon Gallery
1997 Exhibition in Calligraphy - Iranian Club-Dubai
1998 Exhibition in Calligraphy - Bahman Cultural House
1998 Lecture and Exhibition in Calligraphy - Gorgon City
1999 Exhibition in Calligraphy - Nagsh-e- Jahan Gallery
2000 Lecture and Exhibition in Calligraphy on subject "Bases of Shekasteh Script " -Bahman Cultural House
2001 Exhibition of Contemporary Iranian Painting – Doha-Qatar
2001 Lecture and Exhibition in Calligraphy: on subject "Transformation and Thought in Iranian Calligraphy", Shriaty University - Tehran
2002 Exhibition in Calligraphy - Vali Gallery
2003 Exhibition in Calligraphy - Senegalia-Italy
2003 Exhibition in Calligraphy - Vali Gallery
2004 Exhibition of "Calligraphers with Modern Approaches", Khial Cultural Center - Iran
2004 Exhibition of "First Expo in Iran" - Vahdat Concert Hall
2005 Exhibition in Calligraphy One Gouplet - Vali Gallery
2006 Rumi`s Poems, Calligraphy Exhibition - Seyhoun Gallery - LosAngeles
2008 Exhibition in Calligraphy - Vali Gallery

Group Exhibition

1996 Collective Exhibition in Calligraphy (First Festival in Calligraphy of Islam World)
1996 Collective Exhibition in Calligraphy (Anniversary of Darvish Abdomajid Taleqani)
1997 Collective Exhibition in Arts (Four Festivals with title: Islamic Reflections in Mirror of Art - Bahman Cultural House)
1998 Collective Exhibition in Calligraphy (In Commemoration of S.A.A.Golestaneh, Cultural and Art Organization)
2005 Exhibition in Iranian Calligraphy - Bangladesh
2007 Niavaran Cultural House
2007 Naghsh-e- Jahan Gallery
2008 Niavaran Cultural House
2008 Creek Art Fair - Dubai
2008 Mah Gallery, An Impressive Representation by 50 Artists - Tehran


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