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Mohammad Ehsai


Name: Mohammad Ehsai
Birth: 1939, Ghazvin - Iran
Graduated from Faculty of Fine Arts, Tehran University

Mohammad Ehsai

1986 to 2001, Member of Syndicate of Iranian Graphic Designers
Art consultant of Contemporary Art Museum
1997, Member of Foundation Committee of Iranian Painters
1996 to 2001, Member of Scientific Committee of Tehran University
Member of Iranian Calligraphy Board

1958 to 1963, Teaching in Tehran Schools
1964 Experienced Persian Script (Calligraphy) in Graphics and Decorative Calligraphy (Paint-Calligraphy)
1965 to 1974, Calligrapher, Editor, Art Expert and Editor of Art Books in Iran Education Books Organization
1966 to 2001, Collaboration in Art and Culture activities and also had Individual and Group exhibitions
1970 to 1988, traveled to Asian, American and European countries to Study, Research and Collaboration in Art Meetings and also for his Individual and Group exhibitions
1972 First Selected Painter in Iran
Selected Painter in Iran and France
1975 Commenced with Techni-Process N.Y. (New York, USA)
1975 to 1978, Performance of 450 sq. m Paint-Calligraphy for Tehran University
1980 to 1983, Performance of 5 Calligraphy inscriptions for a Mosque in Tehran
1985 Calligraphy and Pottery of Iran Bastan Museum's Entry Inscription
1988 to 1991, Performance of 230 sq. m Pottery inscriptions for Iran Embassy in UAE
2000 Encouraged in 5th Iranian Contemporary Painters by Judjment Committee

Group Exhibition

2001 Jahannama Gallery - Niavaran Palace, Tehran


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