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Bahareh Raeesi


Name: Bahareh Raeesi
Birth: 1976, Tehran - Iran
M.A in Painting - Tarbiat Modares University
B.A in Painting - Azad University

Bahareh Raeesi

The colors walk in the style of painting of Bahareh Raeesi and close to the gardens and to marbled walls, takes shapes to create pointed elements of ordinate lines and squared prospective. Human figures that go along holographic appearances until reducing the chromatic essences in several edging with forms suspended in the outskirts of the mind. Then, in full disorder, colors let loose, mount themselves in spares orders until corrupting the daily space of a day of little things.
Bahareh Raeesi paints doing short gestures until dragging the form in pieces of things and defective humans, trying in the fenced air, dramatic absences and silent revolutions.
Above, in the painting and around, between the colors shielded by linear traits, murmurs the solitary needs of a new God. Nobody moves, nothing uplifts the graces or lowers the hand for picking up a flower, but everything is to brush every dark note, and it is turquoise, similar to the water, the jeweled space of an internal holder.
Only one picture and it is like a shroud because everything is in a sigh.

Massimo Innocenti
Summer 2010

The two words, life and humanity, have always been full of inspiration and also contradiction for me. I can see the modern human being who is always running away. From what? Why? To where? I don’t know… I don’t know… Just running away…
I make the time go slowly. So slow that I can stare at the human being, to try to find something in his eyes, before he can run away with all his strength from me… his gaze is empty… I leave him alone and he runs away… and the only thing remains there for me is the gaze of the eyes that seek life through all the pain, anxiety, confusion, and tranquility.

Solo Exhibition

2011 Mah Gallery - Tehran

Group Exhibition

1998 Darya Beygi Gallery
1999 Keyhan Gallery
2001 Darya Beygi Gallery
2003 Barg Gallery
2006 Arteh Gallery
2006 Annual Drawing - Karaj
2008 Mah Gallery, 4 Young Artists - Tehran
2008 Mah Gallery, An Impressive Representation by 50 Artists - Tehran


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